Our Capabilities

colored-bottlesWe listen to our customers – We’ll help design your container!

Available Stock Colors

  • HDPE – Natural & White
  • PET –    Clear

Custom Colors

  • HDPE –  Give us a Pantone shade to match and we will
  • PET – Dependent on preform availability – call us for details

Blow Molding Machines

  • Bekum H-111’s, Bekum H-121 with Dual, Triple and Quad Tooling
  • Hesta’s – Single & 2 Cavity w/ 85 and 100mm center to center
  • B&W 3000DE – Single, Dual & Quad Tooling.  Handleware Capable w/ View Stripe on Certain Sizes
  • Amsler 3 Cavity
  • SIPA 4 Cavity
  • Preform Injection – Up to 18 Cavities

Production Run Minimums

    • 2 Cavity Molds – 30,000 plastic bottles
    • 4 Cavity Molds – 50,000 plastic bottles
    • Handleware Plastic Bottles – Truckload Quantities
  • PET
    • 1 Cavity Molds – 50,000 plastic bottles
    • 2 Cavity Molds – 150,000 plastic bottles
    • 3 Cavity Molds – 250,000 plastic bottles
    • 4 Cavity Molds – 500,000 plastic bottles
  •  Decorating Capabilities
    • Corona Flaming
      • Many HDPE bottles are flame treated using Corona equipment when solvent based inks are being used by the decorator.  Our Corona equipment is designed to provide a dyne level in a range from 36 – 38, however, many factors can come into play that can affect the adhesion of inks such as amount of time that has lapsed since treatment, storage conditions, amount of re-grind in the bottle, additives in the resin and the color of the bottle.  With the number of variables to be considered we must ask each of our customers to discuss with their decorator the needed dyne level to meet the decorators requirements.  In cases when UV inks are being used to decorate the bottle the equipment should be equipped to flame the bottles prior to printing, allowing the bottle manufacturer to forego the flaming.  If UV inks are used the minimum dyne level is generally above 44.
    • Sleeve Labeling
      • Square
      • Oblong
    • Pressure Sensitive Labeling
      • Rounds
      • Ovals
      • Oblongs
      • Square