Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Hub Plastics – Midwest the Right Choice?

  • Produce 300 different configurations of plastic bottles
  • Stock more than 3 Million containers in our “Stock Bottle Program”
  • Customized programs for scheduled order releases
  • We have color!
  •  Resin Selection Guide will assist in determining the resin most suitable for your packaging needs.  This is only a guide and it is the customers responsibility to conduct the necessary product compatibility tests.
    • Resin Selection Guidelines

      Properties PET PVC HDPE
      Clarity Excellent Very Good Poor
      Impact Excellent Good Excellent
      Distortion Temp (F) 110 – 140 140 – 160 160 – 220

      H2O Medium Medium Medium
      O2 Low Low High
      CO2 Low Low High

What are your shipping specifications?

For more information regarding our shipping specifications, please read our policies.